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What People Say

"Never been on a course so effective. The synergy between you [the trainers] is fantastic." UAE

"I learned a lot about managing teams, but equally I learned a lot about managing and coaching myself. I was more relaxed in the projects on Module 2 -I know I have grown." Romania

"I liked the ‘reverse learning’ i.e. projects first and then inputs. In most courses it’s the other way round and this way was more effective." Ireland

"Innovative and unique approach (training without any ppt)"

Perfect combination of theory and practical exercises, deep experience and understanding of real needs and challenges to build and to manage teams and organizations while taking into account individuals – the most useful, valuable, exciting courses I have ever participated in." Warsaw

"Usage in real work and life started during the courses and will continue for many years. Charisma of DDA trainers is another plus.”  Poland

"It was the best course ever in 10 years of me attending trainings…content, tutors knowledge, everything. Module 2 (Performance Management) was less fun but more challenging." Romania

"I most like the structure of the programme and the organisation and synchronisation of the tutors. I was never bored and you kept my energy up all the time." Ireland

” It’s been some time since I attended your management development programme, but the lessons learned have stayed with me and been a great help. I've since managed to attain FCMI..”  UK

"Great training. The most important thing to me was blockbusting, it has changed the way I think." UAE

"A vey well structured course. I can see how and when I can use my virtual toolbox in my day to day activities as a manager." South Africa

"It took me outside my comfort zone. There was no PPT, and the interaction was very good. The tutors involved everyone and gave really good feedback." South Africa 

"Manager's Toolkit: "The format means I use the sections as I need them and don"t have to wait to do each topic in order. That suits me." UK

"I saw lots and realise that it is important to apply it. Most of these things can be easily applied at work." UK

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