DDA Consulting training programmes focus specifically on helping individual managers and staff improve their skills in a particular area.

We also design and run tailored workshops that focus on helping individuals and teams address specific and current work issues. The emphasis on the workshop is solving specific problems rather than developing skills.

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Examples of current and recent workshops include:

  • Performance Management Workshops – Helping individual managers address current issues/challenges within their team.

  • Change Management Workshop – Supporting managers and staff through a reorganisation, merger or other significant organisational change.

  • Objective Setting Workshop – Targeted at producing objectives for the team for the next quarter etc.

  • Business Improvement Workshop – Initiating a business improvement project with an identified team.
  • MBTI and FIRO B workshops for teams - Stand alone or linked to team projects or team development from 1/2 day.

  • Team Effectiveness Workshop – An opportunity for an internal team to review its effectiveness and agree an improvement action plan and review process.
  • Typically these workshops last between a ½ day and 3. The structure and content would be designed against the specific objectives and targeted outputs.

Characteristics of a DDA Consulting workshop are:

  • A full briefing discussion beforehand with the ‘sponsor’
  • Maximum participation throughout
  • Real issues addressed
  • Output produced and measured against initial objectives
  • Review processes agreed beforehand
  • Ownership of agreed actions

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