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Team Development Initiatives

Helping teams of all types improve their effectiveness and performance has always been one of our specific areas of expertise. Our assignments have included leadership teams in organisations such as Oracle, BMW, National Air Traffic Systems, Sun Microsystems and Diageo, but also different types of teams such as:

  • Middle Management teams
  • Functional teams (Sales, HR, Marketing, Finance etc)
  • Project teams
  • Business Improvement teams

To identify and address the specific needs of these different teams we have used our own tools and techniques. These include diagnostic tools such as our ‘Team Effectiveness Stocktake’, ‘Team 360 degree profile’ etc.

Common solutions include:

  • Team Effectiveness Workshops
  • Team Objective Setting process
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Team Coaching and team leader coaching
  • Team skills training programmes
  • Facilitation of strategy planning activities

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