Management Training Programmes

We work predominantly with large multi-national organisations to design, develop and deliver major management development and training programmes, across the world, in both private and public sectors. Current and recent clients are based in USA, Russia, Germany and the UK.

We currently deliver these flagship programmes in over 20 different countries. Programmes of training are built to fit the organisation and address their specific needs, challenges and opportunities. Our unique, high impact experiential approach provides engaging and energising learning and development solutions that result in significant and measurable changes in management behaviour and subsequent improvements in business performance.

Our passion is the transfer of learning to real situations at work. We strive to find new and increasingly effective ways to achieve this.
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Our programmes often include elements such as:
  • Significant experiential content
  • A modular structure
  • Coaching
  • Major emphasis on feedback
  • 360 degree profiling
  • Application activities (before, during and after each module)
  • Evaluation against targeted business results

Management Training Programmes -Design

First, we work closely with our clients to help identify which changes in behaviour will positively influence desired business results. We then use our proven approach to create a high impact programme of training and development that will help achieve these changes in behaviour.

Our passion at DDA Consulting is to design and deliver high value development programmes that make a significant positive difference. Consequently, our tailored programmes always include a number of elements that will maximise the successful application of learning back to work, targeting specific business results.

One key factor in the design process is to take into account other initiatives within the organisation and ensure that the new programme is congruent with existing processes and programmes. This often means using the organisation’s existing values and competency frameworks rather than creating additional ones.

This focus on creating a 'fit' with other initiatives helps us to help our clients create training and development solutions that reinforce and add value to existing programmes and initiatives.

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