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In successful organisations there is rarely a time when you are not undergoing some kind of significant transformation. These, often fundamental, changes to 'how you do business' often fail because of the lack of appropriate people strategies.

DDA Consulting focus on these people strategies to ensure the transformation succeeds. We facilitate the involvement and engagement of employees at all levels of the organisation. We help you to capitalise on the discretionary effort that can be released.

We understand that the elements of a successful business transformation vary greatly from business to business. We create 'bespoke' solutions that ensure all aspects of the transformation are implemented in line with specific business requirements.

With your input we direct, provide guidance and support managers and staff at all levels. This includes the executive leadership team, leaders within the organisation and key employees at all levels of seniority.

Typical solutions will:

  • Help our clients to devise a vision of success for the change and win the support of key stakeholders
  • Create a strategy for implementation
  • Establish or adjust processes and procedures that are needed to carry through the change successfully
  • Align the leaders, managers and staff and ensure their behaviour supports and reinforces the change
  • Sustain the change and capitalise on the accrued benefits

Results are achieved through facilitation of meetings, the design and delivery of specific workshops, programmes of training, and targeted coaching initiatives for the key staff.

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