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The investment made by any organisation in designing and delivering leadership and management development programmes is significant. It comprises not only the direct fees paid to an outside organisation, but also the indirect costs associated with time of attendees and lost opportunity from not being ‘on the job’. It is crucial, therefore, in order to maximise the return on this investment, to maximise the chances that learning from the programme is applied back on the job. Also, that this application of learning achieves targeted improvements in the business.

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Focussing on the effective application of learning will ensure that Leadership and Management training becomes a planned investment rather than an act of faith.

At DDA Consulting we have developed (and are continuing to develop) tools and techniques that maximise the application of learning. We realise that there is no panacea here, but that a wide range of techniques are necessary in order to cater for different people in different organisations at different levels. For any one person some will work and some will not.

Part of the design process will include the selection and adaptation of application tools to ‘fit’ the client organisation.

We have developed a range of tools and techniques within the following areas:

  • Clarity of Purpose – positive consequences
  • Engaging your Manager
  • Quick Wins
  • Personal Triggers
  • Use of high impact experiences
  • Review processes during the programme
  • Review processes after the programme
  • Follow-through application activities
  • Use of existing organisational processes
  • Using your colleagues
  • Professional Management Qualifications

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