Individual Contributor Training Programmes

At DDA Consulting International we recognise that significant improvements in performance are often brought about by a combination of skillful, competent managers working together with direct reports who exhibit strong personal leadership. Individual contributors who share the language of performance with their managers, and who take personal responsibility, have a significant positive impact.

1-1Feedback-Gorse2012Our tailored Individual Contributor Programmes are designed to reinforce the organisations management training programmes. We include some of the same experiences, review processes and models which ensure that managers and individual contributors alike share a common language.

The major focus for Individual Contributor Programmes is often in the area of personal skills development. However, we also provide targeted training initiatives to help individuals address specific situations such as a major organisation change or a change in job roles.

In addition to tailored programmes designed and delivered for one organisation, we also provide a three day programme open to people from all organisations.

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