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Professional Management Qualifications

DDA Consulting International is an Approved Centre of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). As such we are able to offer professional qualifications in ‘Management & Leadership’ and ‘Coaching & Mentoring’.

UK2-2012 GroupYou can achieve a the CMI qualification as a natural follow-on to one of our Leadership/Management training programmes

In the last two years over 200 managers/leaders across 21 countries have undertaken a CMI qualification in Leadership and Management with DDA Consulting International.

Benefits of obtaining a professional management qualification in Leadership and Management include greater recognition as a competent manager, improved performance and improved job prospects; it is also an excellent way to help you apply the learning from a training programme back to work.

At DDA Consulting International we are able to create assignments and other methods of assessment that are unique to your organisation. We strive to connect each assignment closely to your current work challenges and opportunities. This means that the time that you invest in completing your assignment has an immediate pay off to you and your organisation.

In studying for one of the CMI qualifications you will be able to select from 13 different subjects including:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Practice
  • Performance Management
  • Conducting and Managing Projects

If you would like more information about achieving a CMI qualification with DDA Consulting International please telephone  +44 1664 503695

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